Well, what do we have here?

I’ve written many times about my infatuation with UFOs. I’m always looking for any sort of evidence that beings from another planet visit us from time to time.

Because to be honest with you, I’m a firm believer that we are not alone in this universe.

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So, when I saw the video of a strange craft flying through the sky over Lubbock, Texas, I was intrigued. However, the object is so small that it’s hard to make anything out of it in the clip captured by Lubbock artist Dave Clayton back on June 23.

Speaking to the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal, Clayton described it as looking like a “refrigerator flying through the air.” Others commenting on the video on Instagram claimed to have seen a similar object in other parts of Texas.

Some of those commenting on the video believe it to be a balloon, but Clayton said it was accelerating against the wind, unlike a balloon. Others believe it was a drone. However, Clayton said it would have to have been about the size of a small car, suggesting if that were the case, he would have heard it before he saw it.

Chances are we’ll never truly know what it was that was spotted in the skies over Lubbock. Which makes it a textbook UFO.

I'm unable to embed the video, so take a look at it here.

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