Let’s take a look at some more weirdness in the Texas sky. 

Just last week, I posted a video of some strange lights in the sky between Odessa and Midland. Many of the people commenting on the video on Reddit thought it may have been a drone, but I’m not so sure (then again, I am a believer, so I’m always looking for evidence that proves the existence of aliens).

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But I’m pretty sure the object that was spotted over DFW (and many other parts of Texas) on Friday night was not a drone. If it’s anything that we’re able to explain, it’s probably some sort of Space X aircraft. 

I will say that in my years of posting UFO content, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like it. 

The thing that strikes me about it is that it appears to give off some sort of circular cloud or vapor. It’s almost as if it’s blowing smoke rings. 

Anyway, it could certainly be some sort of secret government or Space X craft, as I mentioned earlier, but it’s definitely not an airplane. Whatever the case may be, it’s fascinating to this UFO nerd, nonetheless. Spend some time with the below videos and let us know what you think in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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