We've mentioned before that one of the best things about living in Wichita Falls is the lack of crazy traffic. It was #2 on our list of '10 Reasons to be Thankful You Live in Wichita Falls.' It was #4 on our list of 'Five Things We Love About Living in Wichita Falls.' You can get almost anywhere in town in 7 minutes or less.

In case you needed a reminder of this, check out the video above. ABC7 in Las Angeles, California shared this on their Facebook page. A complete gridlock on the 405 Freeway in West LA had traffic backed up as far as you can see.

Next time you are driving down Kell and have to wait a few extra seconds at your exit, remember this video. We've got it pretty nice here in Wichita Falls. This Thanksgiving, consider this something to be thankful for.