Newly-married ladies usually take photos or head right to the reception after their nuptials. But a new survey finds modern wives are doing something else in between: they’re updating their relationship statuses on Facebook.

Almost half of the 500 recently married or engaged women recently polled by David’s Bridal said they’d probably update their Facebook relationship status to “married” between the ceremony and the reception. Event planners say some couples are even incorporating the status updates into the ceremony itself.

“It’s the 21st-century wedding announcement,” says Melissa Barrad, a San Diego wedding planner. “Instead of sending out wedding announcements, people change their Facebook statuses.”

But since social media is such a big part of people’s lives these days, Barrad says it’s really not surprising. “They’re so used to doing it in their daily life, it definitely makes sense for them to update everyone in their world,” she adds. “It’s just official and they’re always really excited to do it.”

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