Always wanted to own a drive in? Here is your opportunity.

I know everybody has been keeping an eye on that Mega Millions jackpot. Everyone always says, "What would you do if you win?" I think I would open a drive in movie theater. Gives me something to do with my free time and only 'work' the weekends. Plus, wouldn't need to worry about a slow week if I have millions in the bank.

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Well good news everyone, if you win the lottery tomorrow. You can buy the Doc's Drive In over in Buda, Texas. It's a fascinating place. As you can see from the photos in the gallery below. It has two screens and in between them is what they call a private speakeasy. I guess you could pay extra at this place and enjoy some adult beverages here while enjoying some outdoor movies.

If you buy the property, it also has three houses behind the screens. So you could also live on the property. Not gonna lie, they're pretty adorable houses with their own private yard area. Also it looks like in between the screens is a stage setup, so you could also do concerts if you wanted to.

If you buy this property, it does come with everything you need to run it as a drive in. That listing price will scare a lot of folks off though. $3,999,000 to buy this place as is. If you see me quit my job on Saturday it is because I am moving to Buda, Texas to go buy this place with my lottery winnings.

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