NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so excited about this.

So last night I was sent a story about a Wichita Falls Drive In Movie Theater opening and I could not believe it. Going to a drive in movie during the summer is without a doubt one of my favorite things to do. I have regularly talked about going to the Graham Drive In and the Chief Drive In in Chickasha. My only problem is having to drive an hour or more to get to those places.

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Yesterday, KFDX did a story on the Doman’s Classic Drive-In. Which was right here in Wichita Falls showing old movies on Saturday nights for free. Holy crap a FREE drive in movie theater in Wichita Falls? From the looks of the photos in the story, it looked to be a pretty basic setup. Doesn't matter to me, you got a screen and let me pull my truck up I am in.

So this morning when I began to write the story, I started doing some research on this drive in. When I clicked the link for the Facebook page, I was getting an error message. I was able to contact the owner about this and it looks the drive in just got to big and he could be facing legal ramifications if it continued.


Even though the drive in wasn't charging people, they could get in some trouble for doing this. So sadly, it can't continue for now. The only way I could possibly see it going on is if a movie is in the public domain. This means that no government, organization, or individual owns any copyright over the work, and as such it is common property.

I don't know how many movies on the list people would honestly want to watch. It's a Wonderful Life and Night of the Living Dead are the two that stand out to me on the Wikipedia list.

I hope someone in Wichita Falls sees how excited folks were for a drive in movie theater in our town. I am taking my money out of Wichita Falls to go to drive in regardless at least once a month in the summer. If someone opened one here. I would 100% support it with open arms. If you want to read more about the history of drive ins in Wichita Falls, check out some of my old stories below.

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