To be alive when the drive ins were everywhere in America. I can't believe back in the day Wichita Falls had SIX drive ins and sadly now we have none. Let's take a look back at some of these relics from the past.

Growing up in Baltimore, I had a big passion for the drive in movie theater. I think I was spoiled living there because I had one of the best in the country. Bengies Drive In, home to the biggest outdoor movie screen in the country, sorry Texas not EVERYTHING is bigger here. If you're ever in Baltimore during the summer, it is a MUST visit for me.

I moved to Wichita Falls in 2007 and one of my favorite things to do was nowhere in town. I discovered several years later that we do have some drive ins, if you're willing to make a road trip. I have already done a review on the Graham Drive In and Chief Drive In. If you're willing to make the drive, I highly recommend both of them.

I love talking about drive ins as you can probably tell. So I decided to do another story on our Wichita Falls drive ins. I have already talked about our six drive ins that used to be here. Looks like their heyday was from the 50s to the 60s. Our final one closed in 1979. You can read all about their history here. Today, we're talking about the ads you would see for upcoming movies at the drive in or articles in the paper about the drive in.

Check them out below and all credits for the pictures goes to Cinema Treasures website. If you love drive ins like me, go check them out. They have some amazing history on drive ins across the country.

Retro Advertisements for Wichita Falls Drive In

Wichita Falls used to have six drive in movie theaters. We have stepped back in time to show off some of the cool things that Wichita Falls used to have back in the day.

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