Do you remember in Home Alone the 'Wet Bandits' would leave your water running and flood your house? Is this the stinky bandit who leaves poop in your house?


I swear, nothing is normal in our area. Seriously, Matthew Caporale what you're accused of doing is downright wrong. Burkburnett police got a report of a burglary in progress on Patricia Court this past Friday. A delivery driver said he spotted the suspect in an alley, police found him about two blocks away from the victim's house.

The victim was able to show police video evidence of Caporale alleged crimes. According to the report, Caporale is seen breaking a gate, going into the back porch and coming out holding a television, then returning and taking a leather Harley-Davidson jacket. Officers also said the backdoor of the garage and entry door to the kitchen were kicked in.

Here is where things get insane. The victim also showed officers where Caporale allegedly took a dump on their living room floor. Who does that?! 40-year-old Matthew Caporale was arrested for burglary of a habitation.


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