The Vikings have been known as the comeback kids this season, but this one wasn't even close on Sunday. CBS actually switched it off in the third quarter in some markets.

As we all know, the Dallas Cowboys did not close it out in Green Bay last week. When you have a team down, you have to keep them down. Dallas did exactly that on Sunday. Keep the foot on the gas and don't let up. On the third play of the game, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins fumbles the ball to give Dallas possession.

Dallas would settle for a field goal on the next drive, but they would go onto score on their next six drives. Dallas did not punt until the middle of the 3rd quarter. You give me an offense like that every week and I will have a smile on my face EVERY game. I do have one complaint on the Dallas offense and it has nothing to do with the Cowboys themselves, but the refs.

Field Goal Controversy

Before the half, CeeDee Lamb made an amazing sideline catch that put the Cowboys in field goal territory. The Cowboys send the kicking team out to attempt a 60 yard field goal. Ball is snapped, kick is up and it just squeaks in. Cowboys go into the half with a bigger lead...wait a second. Refs say they're going to review the catch before the field goal. Guys...YOU CAN"T DO THAT. The play snapped, the time to review is over.

Someone should have blown a whistle and said that we got a call from upstairs that they want to take a second look at that catch. Do not allow the play to happen if you're unsure about the call. I have never seen that happen in my life and I want the NFL to release a statement on that. It's setting a dangerous precedent if you can review plays, once another play has already happened.

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It was nice Maher made an even cleaner kick on the second attempt after the catch was confirmed. After the half, the Cowboys continued to score and not allow the Vikings to put up a single touchdown in the game. The Cowboys have the short week, as always during Thanksgiving.

We have an NFC East rivalry game for the big holiday. Kickoff is set for the 3:30 on Thursday against the New York Giants. You can listen to this game and every Dallas Cowboys game in Texoma on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk1290.

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