Where is Allen Iverson when you need him? "Come on man, are we really talking about practice?"

The Dallas Cowboys are in Oxnard, California doing their annual training camp. Sometimes what teams do is have joint practices with other NFL teams that are in the area. The Oakland Raiders have been training in Napa, California not too far from where the Cowboys are.

This is a great way for teams to see some new faces to go against, instead of the same first, second and third string teams on the Cowboys. Now in most cases some players take the practice a little too seriously because this isn't one of your teammates you're playing against. That is what happened during Tuesday's practice.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne had a clean hit on Oakland tightend Mychal Rivera. He decided to show him up a little bit after the hit and that led to Rivera's teammates defending him. Needless to say a fight broke out against the fence that fans were standing at and a few fans got in on the fight as well.

''I don't like the fights. I want to come out and practice football,'' Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. ''We don't have any time for that, and we certainly don't want to get anybody injured in fisticuffs. I thought both teams came out and competed and got a lot of good work in.''

''When I came to the sideline, guys were still talking about it and talking about how it amped them up,'' Claiborne said. ''It should have happened a little earlier in practice and maybe we would have gotten a little more noise out here.'' The Dallas Cowboys next game is against the Baltimore Ravens this Saturday at 6pm. You can listen to all of your Dallas Cowboys games on NewsTalk 1290.

Check Out the Fight Below: