He still plans on taking the trip here to get his mind off of things.

We have all seen the devastation that the wildfires are wrecking throughout California. People have lost their lives, homes and almost all of their possessions in these fires. Dale Morgan was one of these people, he lost his home and everything inside of it during the fires in Paradise, California. “I haven’t been to the ashes of my home,” Morgan said. “I’ve only seen pictures, but I know it’s gone.”

The only thing Morgan has is what was in his car the day he was going to work. Which happened to be his Cowboys tickets for Thanksgiving. He knows it's the worst time to leave, but also the best time to leave. Just to let his family have some family time for a little bit and get their minds off of the fires. They say it has been a dream trip for months and they will not let this tragedy stop them from doing something they have been looking forward to all year.

This will actually be their first trip to the new AT&T Stadium. Dale tries to go to all the Cowboys California games and had been to the old Texas Stadium years ago. Morgan hopes this tragedy doesn't come into his family's mind on Thursday. He wants them to enjoy the day and try to forget about what happened for a few hours.

“Other people have it a lot worse than we do,” Morgan said. “But we’ve got our heads up. People have been so generous. ... They don’t know what we’re going through, but they’re behind us.” I hope someone with the Cowboys organization sees Dale's story and they hook him up with VIP treatment on Thursday. Maybe get them some field passes or some Cowboys gear.

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