America loves to watch America's Team.

Some will argue that the Cowboys are not America's Team. Really? A lot of America sure watches this team play year in and year out. Of the top ten most watched NFL games this year, the Dallas Cowboys had half of them. The number one most watched regular season game this year was the Cowboys annual Thanksgiving game with 40.8 million people tuning in.

The Cowboys also had the second most watched game of the regular season against the Chiefs with 28.7 million people tuning in. The Cowboys also had the sixth, eighth and tenth most watched games in the NFL this season. The only teams to appear on the list multiple times are the Packers(3 Games), Buccaneers (2 games) and Chiefs (2 games). I don't even know why people won't admit the Cowboys are America's team.

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Some will say, it's because people are tuning in to watch them lose. Really? You hate the Cowboys so much, you will spend three hours of your life every week to watch them lose? That is one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard. If you're one of these people, please stop watching. I encourage you to do literally anything else with your life. All you're doing is helping the Cowboys argument when you watch.

By the way, ratings are up 10% as a whole in the NFL compared to last year. You can check out a full breakdown here. I'm sure the NFL is excited the Cowboys are in the playoffs because I am sure this Sunday's game will be one of the most watched of the weekend.

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