To say my jaw dropped while watching this video, that would be an understatement of maybe my entire life

Keep Scrolling to See These Poor Dallas Cowboys Fans

^So over the weekend I watched this clip from Barstool Sports like 20 times. I could not believe what happened in this clip above. Don't worry, no spoilers for me. So I was shocked to see that my mother of all people sent me a clip from Barstool. I don't think my mom has any idea what that site is, but when I tell you that my jaw hit the floor once I opened the link.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Mother and Uncle are Now Internet Famous

A video is going viral of a Philadelphia Eagles fan drinking a beer on the train and giving some Dallas Cowboys fan a little taste of the city of 'brotherly love'. I will swear on a bible, future children, whatever you want me to do. That video is of my mother and my uncle. I could not f***ing believe it. I've watched it 50 times in the past 24 hours. Credit to my uncle, he just wants to drink beer and watch the Cowboys play. He just smiles and gives a nice wave.

Best Comments from the Video

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-07 090709

Ugh, people thinking you and your sister are a couple. Literally a sibling's worst nightmare. Sorry Uncle Pat, my Mom probably also wants to snap reading this comment. Thanksgiving will be fun this year.

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Chris here is not wrong. Flip flops on the subway is crazy. However, my uncle is rocking flip flops to every Dallas Cowboys game. It could be freezing outside, before kickoff he switches into those damn things...EVERY...GAME. I expect nothing less from my uncle.

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I got no f***ing clue on this one. Did they think my uncle was wearing a sweater? Was he killing people with kindness? Not too sure about this insult Philly, I expect better from you.

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^This dude knows what's up. My uncle doesn't want to start shit with Eagles fans. Just wants to drink beer and watch football. If you're cool with that, you're cool with my family. This Eagles fan knows that and Dan if you ever make your way to Dallas for a game. Beers on me.

My Personal Eagles Experience

^This is only game I have been to in Philadelphia and absolute ass kicking for the Eagles against my Cowboys. 44-6 was the final score, I met one nice Eagles fan the entire day and thankfully it was the guy I was sitting next to. Got a knife pulled on me walking to the car after the game. No idea why they were still so mad after getting to go to the playoffs and blowing us out. Hey, that's Philadelphia versus Dallas. Everything you hear about the games in Philly are true. I would tell everyone to do it just once, but be prepared to have thick skin. Eagles fans stick together. Hope my uncle and mom had a fun trip because this video will live in our family for the rest of our lives.

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