Maybe Dan Snyder is right, The Washington Football Team does need a new stadium.

Boy oh boy, not a good 2021 for the Washington Football Team. I know fans had high hopes for 2021 after how the team finished last year. The season kicked off with fans literally getting covered in pee and poop.

Dan Snyder has been trying to get his team a new stadium for a few seasons now. FedEx Field really isn't that old. 1997 is when the stadium opened, but I think Dan wants to put them back into the DC city limits because the team plays in Maryland right now. So we had a pipe burst sewage onto fans.

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Then we had the broken benches a few weeks ago and now on Sunday we had a railing collapse. After the Philadelphia Eagles won at FedEx Field on Sunday their quarterback Jalen Hurts was leaving to go through the tunnel. After every game, at every stadium, fans huddle at the tunnel to try to get a high five.

The barricade broke at FedEx field, having fans collapse into the tunnel. Jalen was maybe two feet away from being near the barricade. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF ALL THOSE PEOPLE FELL ON HIM?! Holy crap, you would have never heard the end of that this week if he got hurt.

Thankfully he was OK and it appears as if no fans got injured. My goodness Dan, I know you want a new stadium, but I truly believe he is letting this stadium go to s*** at this point on purpose to get a new one.

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