Things got incredibly nasty at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas over the weekend.

It’s hard to tell exactly what led up to the incident in the video, but it ended about as ugly as it possibly could.

It looks like someone threw what appears to be their drink at the workers inside of a concession stand after an argument broke out. And then one of the workers responded in kind by throwing a drink back at them.

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At that point you figure turnabout is fair play and that would be the end of it. But, oh no, that was merely the moment when the situation would begin to escalate.

Just when it looked like the workers were clearing out, one lady decided to grab a five-gallon bucket, fill it with hot grease from the fryer and then throw it at the person outside.

That wasn’t the end of it, however. The same lady then attempted to put even more grease in the bucket, but didn’t have any luck.

So, instead, she picked a basket of fries up out of the grease and then attempted to throw them out the window, but a coworker was able to intervene. She did eventually toss them, but it doesn’t look like they went out the window.

It’s not clear if the hot grease actually struck its intended target, but if it did, someone is nursing some serious burns today. Hopefully, everyone is okay.

And judging by the comments on Twitter, this is why you go to the State Fair during the day.

Duly noted.

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