Newly released aerial footage reveals the devastating aftermath of a lethal tornado that tore through a coastal town near the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

In a tragic turn of events, one life was lost, while at least ten people were injured in the wake of this devastating natural disaster.

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According to this article, authorities report that the powerful EF-1 twister struck Laguna Heights in the early hours of Saturday, situated on the mainland opposite South Padre Island. Tragically, one individual lost their life, and ten others sustained injuries in the calamity.

Ove 60 Residences Damaged

Captured by the Brownsville Fire Department, the drone video showcases the extensive destruction inflicted upon approximately 60 residences. Some homes are visibly devoid of roofs, while others lie in ruins as mere heaps of debris.

Tragic Loss

Eddie Treviño Jr., a judge in Cameron County, stated that 42-year-old Roberto Flores tragically perished when his mobile home collapsed, leaving him trapped and fatally crushed by the wreckage.

Unusual Activity

Laguna Heights is situated approximately 20 miles northeast of the U.S.-Mexico border near Brownsville. This region is typically not susceptible to tornadoes, although there has been increased activity this spring. Additionally, the area is currently preparing for the commencement of hurricane season.

Video Below:


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