Nothing like one of those good old-fashioned trick pens. 

Debra Jones of Duncan, Oklahoma decided to play a prank on one of her good friends Phyllis Spivey. The prank is simple, she ordered one of those trick pens that gives you a slight shock when you try to click it. Phyllis definitely didn't see it coming. She got over four thousand views on Facebook and she decided to send the video in to 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.

She got approved and her prank aired this past Sunday.

Phyllis Spivey told KSWO she has become somewhat famous in town. "Oh my gosh there's the shock lady pen! There's the shock lady pen, and I thought Oh my lord! It was unbelievable, It was unbelievable, thank goodness it was all in fun otherwise I would be upset," Spivey said.

Sadly, Debra and Phyllis didn't win the weekly cash for best video they give away on every episode. They're just happy they got to see it again on national TV.

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