I was impressed with the $2,000 rare coin that someone donated this week over in Corpus Cristi, Texas. For once, not everything is bigger in Texas. Some kettles up in Oklahoma got a bunch of rare coins.

I always love hearing about the massive donations to the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign at this time of the year. Especially in 2020, this money will help those who are struggling around the holidays. Every year we hear about massive donations that come in and it looks like some people in possession of some rare coins are feeling generous this year.

Today we're hearing about some red kettles up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Five different kettles had a bunch of rare coins in them. If you're anything like me, you're not a coin collector and have no idea what the value of one gold coin is from another. Tulsa Gold and Silver said the collection of coins was valued at $14,586. Wow!

“To give something that's so valuable, precious to them as these coins are and to do it without any fanfare anonymously is very touching and meaningful to us,” Major Mark Harwell with the Salvation Army said. Harwell said the Tulsa Salvation Army is still about $250,000 away from its $705,000 goal, but the coins will push them closer.

Hopefully they do reach their goal and remember we have the red kettles here in Wichita Falls as well. I know I've heard the bells outside of Market Street on Kell. Also, Patterson Auto is donating some when you purchase a vehicle with them through the end of the year.

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