Last May, the Wichita Falls City Council voted to go forward with a re-zoning ordinance to allow for a new restaurant to open in the city. The rezoning made it possible for a historic house to be renovated into a restaurant and the eight acres it sits on to be used to grow produce and raise small animals to be served at the restaurant. The property sits just off 5th Street on Kemp Blvd

Over a year has passed and now the Fox Hill Restaurant is getting closer to finally opening to the public. The unique new restaurant will be something unlike anything else in the region. Not only will they serve food grown and raised on the property, they also plan to have walking paths where guest can see the gardens and places where their food was grown.

According to KAUZ, developer John Hirschi started work on the landscaping when he bought the property last year. They have spent most of the time developing the gardens. The rezoning permit also allows them to have chickens, peacocks, guinea hens, rabbits, and ducks on the site, but they say those are for the guest to see and enjoy, not to be served as food. They also plan to stock the pond with koi fish.

Now they are ready to work on the house itself. It was originally built in the 1920's and there's a lot involved in getting it up to 2016 commercial codes. He hopes to have the building permit and begin the work in the next 30 days.Their will be a main dining area inside the historic house with outdoor seating areas on the porch and by the pool. They hope to have the Fox Hill Restaurant ready to open in October

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