As a kid, it was my dream to own a drive-in movie theater. Looks like one is up for grabs not too far away.

The weather is getting warmer and that means drive-in movie season. The one closest to us in Wichita Falls is just a short drive over to Graham, Texas. Open since 1948, it reminds me of childhood every time I go. They recently upgraded to a digital projector so they could remain in business and it looks like the current owners would like to call it a day.

This does not mean the drive-in is closing. The owners said in their Facebook post they will continue to operate until someone decides to purchase the property. They will even help out in the transition period to help make it a smooth process. You can shoot the current owners an email if you're serious about buying at

I hope this place remains open. It is one of only sixteen drive-ins left in our entire state. At one point Wichita Falls had SIX drive-in movie theatres. If I had the spare income, I would totally spend every weekend owning this place. The Graham Drive-In says they plan on opening sometime this month, but no word yet on what weekend that will be.

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