Weather is getting nicer and before it gets too hot. Take advantage of those patios.

I love this time of the year. Spring and fall are perfect to get out to do some fun things in Wichita Falls. Let's face it, once June gets here, we will need that air conditioning to survive in this city. I was just curious as to where the best patio is in Wichita Falls.

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Well, I decided to do some research today. I went on Yelp, to see what they had to say. I was shocked at their top ten because I definitely wouldn't count some of these. A few of these are just a couple of tables in front of the establishment. I guess outdoor dining, is outdoor dining. Don't shoot the messenger if your favorite didn't make the cut. Once again, info from Yelp, NOT MY LIST.


I have to be honest, some of these on the list I forget about their outdoor dining option because I am so used to eating inside. I may have to try some of these out the next few weeks in Wichita Falls. Also, you may notice some of these are technically coffee shops and you may not consider them a restaurant. I'm going to include them because they do offer food options.

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