Hospice of Wichita Falls is celebrating 31 years of serving North Texas.  Today's 'Radio Day' on 102.3 Blake FM marks the 30th anniversary of Hospice of Wichita Falls Radio Day.  The annual event began on KTLT 106.3 FM in 1986.  In the early 2000's, 'Radio Day' made the move to Lonestar 102.3, now known as 'Blake FM'. Today's event raised over $34,000.  $26,000 was needed to reach the 'Tree of Lights' goal of $200,000.

The non-profit Hospice of Wichita Falls currently serves over 250 patients, mostly in their own homes or managed care facilities.  The HOWF Center on Johnson Road has a 12 bed in-patient facility.  The annual 'Tree of Lights' campaign begins just before Thanksgiving and concludes with the 'Radio Day', each year the Friday before Christmas.

Hospice staff taking donations during Radio Day on December 16,2016
Hospice staff taking donations during Radio Day on December 16,2016

The fundraising goal for 2016 is $200,000.  The money raised is used for sponsored services, to ensure that anyone who needs Hospice of Wichita Falls services can and will get those services.  In addition to end-of-life care, Hospice of Wichita Falls offers palliative care and  bereavement services.  Bereavement services are offered even to those who have not lost a loved one under Hospice of Wichita Falls care.

Radio Day continues until 5 pm today.  Call 940-687-3555 to donate.  You can also contribute online and at Market Street United until 8 pm Friday evening.  The Hospice of Wichita Falls administrative offices and in-patient center is located at 4909 Johnson Road in Wichita Falls.

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