What randomness did I stumble onto today?

One of those days where I am just struggling to find some original content for you guys. I just posted a story on Luke Wade performing at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred this year. I was curious to see if Getty Images had any photos posted of our big Wichita Falls event and I was shocked at the result. Bulls, nothing but bull pictures.


Yes, I was very confused at the results. What the hell? Go home Getty Images you're drunk. However, they did give me what I technically asked for. Turns out, over in Australia, they have a bull called Hotter Than Hell 2. Turns out Hotter Than Hell was also a Bull from Bradenburg Buckin Bulls and this one is the sequel. All the photos below are of Hotter Than Hell 2.


Looks like our Hotter Than Hell 2 bull has participated in three Professional Bull Riding events over in Australia. I have been told eight seconds on top of bull is a good time to have. Our boy here Hotter Than Hell 2 has an average buck off time of 4.31. Is that good? I don't do a lot of rodeos. It sounds good to me. Hotter Than Hell 1 had a buck off time of 3.86 so even better.

Just thought some local Wichita Falls folks would think it's funny across the world a bull exists named Hotter Than Hell.

Do You Know of the Hotter Than Hell Bull in Austrailia?

Doing some research on the Hotter'N Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, we discovered a bull in Austrailia called Hotter Than Hell. Check him out here.

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