I don't agree with these results, I demand a recount.

Spring training games are right around the corner in the MLB and practices are going on right now. Not a lot to report on with practices. In the words of Allen Iverson, "Are we talking about practice?" Nah, the MLB knows its a slow news time before those games start so they decided to do a poll among the fans.


What team has the best MLB uniforms? They sort of did a March Madness-style bracket with the most votes moving on. Sorry Rangers, you guys didn't make it out of the first round. It's OK, neither did my Baltimore Orioles. The Astros were able to beat out the NL leader Dodgers for best in baseball.

ALCS - Kansas City Royals v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Getty Images

Nothing against the Astros uniform, I think it is fine. Give me that Orioles orange or black uniform any day over anything the Astros have.

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