Here’s an interesting conversation starter for the next time you’re gathered with friends.

I can honestly say that I’ve never given a moment’s thought as to just how much I spend on toilet paper. But I will admit that I insist on keeping Charmin in our home. Nothing else compares in my opinion.

First, let me point out that I’m not someone who just has to have name-brand products. But store-brand toilet paper tends to be of the “John Wayne” variety. You know, the kind that is rough and tough and doesn’t take s*** off of anybody.

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And it appears that I’m in the majority of Texans when it comes to using the good stuff when Mother Nature calls.

That’s because Mr. Rooter felt compelled to conduct a survey to figure out which states use the most toilet and also to determine which states spend the most on toilet paper.

When all was said and done, researchers found that while Texas isn’t among the states that use the most toilet paper, the Lone Star State is among the states that spend the most on booty wipe. This tells me that the majority of Texans insist on treating their bums to the best of the best.

So, the next time someone looks at you funny when you complain about the single-ply sandpaper they stock the bathrooms with at the office, tell them you’re a Texan. And Texans don’t use just any old toilet paper.

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