Most of my family and friends own at least one firearm. And most of them do not hunt.  They're armed for one very simple reason: protection of themselves and their families. I also know many individuals who flatly refuse to allow a gun in their home. They honestly believe that if they are attacked they can fend the other guy off without lethal force. It's a foolish belief to have and I pray they don't end up getting themselves killed one day.

The recent move by the State of Texas to allow open carry was celebrated by lovers of liberty and decried by liberals and haters of freedom. Some businesses in Texoma and across the state reacted in a typical knee-jerk fashion by posting homemade signs saying 'No Guns Allowed on Premises' or something to that effect. Such signs carry absolutely no legal weight whatsoever. Businesses can 'opt out' of allowing any weapons in their establishments, concealed or open, with the 30.06 and 30.07 signs as prescribed by law.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both favor sweeping gun control. Those who desire statism or socialism think you have no business owning a gun. They may only preach openly about 'assault' weapons, but make no mistake, they want you unarmed. And for the record, assault is an action, not a weapon.

Gun control laws mean nothing to a criminal. But you, as a law-abiding, responsible citizen should not be foolish with your life and the lives of your loved ones. In a dangerous situation where you are attacked in some way by another person, your best first defense is you. And so-called gun free zones are really nothing more than soft targets, places where the killers know no one can shoot back.

When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. And that's not a slam against law enforcement, it's a fact. Police cannot be everywhere all the time and we can never have enough of them to keep every citizen safe. The only realistic option is to arm yourself, get properly trained and prepare for the worst case scenario. It's not panic or fear, it's just good common sense.

The 20/20 segment from ABC in the video below first aired in the summer of 2008, just after the Heller decision that put an end to the insane DC gun ban.

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