Someone called me up at the radio station yesterday and told me I was paranoid.  “Paranoid?  What are you talking about”, I asked.  “Well, you just go on and on about Obama and socialism and Marxism and gun control and you’re just paranoid.  You’re afraid of everything!”  He was truly a special kind of stupid.   This rambling oxygen thief did indicate that he was a “well- educated” individual who held not one but two college degrees and was therefore much more qualified to offer commentary than I.  How nice.  It’s always puzzled me how we automatically bestow the title of expert on anyone with a piece of paper bearing the word diploma.  Education does not automatically make one an expert, a leader or even a good follower.  The straw man from the Wizard of Oz was more capable of mounting a good argument with his symbolic doctorate than this clown could have done.

I have found the more I try to educate people like this, the less they seem to learn.  And all I get from the experience is a headache.  So I’ve adopted a new policy: I thank them for their input, say buh-bye and hang up.  I refuse to argue with nuts like him anymore.  The fact is, you see, that it is people like him who are paranoid.  They fear my owning guns.  They fear my freedom of speech.  They fear the power of the United States Constitution.  Tea Party people are all loons in their book, but the fact is, more often than not, they don’t have the first clue what the Tea Party movement is all about.  All they know how to do is throw out vulgarities like ‘tea baggers’ and hurl insults at Sarah Palin, Allan West and Rand Paul.

No, it is not I who is suffering paranoia.  Its political thugs like Rahm “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” Emmanuel, who seeks to disarm the populace of Chicago, while he himself is protected by a security detail armed to the teeth.  Or wannabe communist dictators like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s more interested in confiscation of guns and large soda’s than he is with fixing the true problems of his city.  Its people like San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne, who believes whole-heartedly in disarming all of America ‘within a generation’.

No, I am not paranoid.  I am fearful of what our republic is becoming.  I am deeply disappointed and angered by the conservatives who chose to sit out this last election.  I am angered by the six million sheeple who could not see Obama and his minions for what they really are.  I am outraged by the republicans in the Senate who just approved the Vietnam Traitor John Kerry to become the next Secretary of State.  I am disgusted by the spineless worms who parade themselves around in a the robes of the republican party and try to feign conservatism, while all they are really nothing more than neo-liberals who believe the end justifies the means; they are going to seize power no matter what.

No, I am not paranoid.  I am a working father, husband and patriot.  I believe our Constitution is a divinely inspired, nearly perfect document that set the stage for the greatest nation that has ever existed.  I believe in the classic views of American Exceptionalism, limited government and the capacity of the people to prosper and succeed.  Government of the people, by the people, for the people, with the Constitution as our guide.  How difficult is that?  No, I am not paranoid.  But that is what so many of us are being labeled, simply because we put more faith in our God, our Constitution and ourselves than we do in a government that has become polluted with corruption and indignity.  We have the power to turn the tide if we’ll just get off the couch and do it.  But time is running out.  Soon, we’ll be facing more than just name calling if some of the powers that be have their way.