The City of Wichita Falls has released the latest lake level report.  Despite recent rains, lake levels have dropped, if only slightly.  As of April 20, Lake Arrowhead is at 19.8% and Lake Kickapoo is at 27.7%. The combined total is 21.9%. For comparison, on April 13, 2015 Lake Arrowhead was at 19.9% and Lake Kickapoo was at 28.1%, for a combined total of 22.1%.

It appears, though, the dry pattern may be breaking.  The forecast is for more rain this week.  Storms are in the forecast for late Monday into Wednesday evening.  Rain chances diminish as we approach the weekend.  The city has begun another round of ‘cloud seeding’, the process of launching silver iodide flares into storm clouds in the hope of yielding more rainfall than might otherwise occur.

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