Some are calling it a miracle.  After all, signs reading ‘Pray for Rain’ have dotted the Wichita Falls landscape for over four years now.  Last week, the rains came and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

The lake level reports are amazing.  Lake Levels as of 9 am Monday are as follows:

Lake Arrowhead 43.2.0%; Lake Kickapoo 63.0%.  The combined total is 48.5%.

Compare these to the lake levels for May 4:

Lake Arrowhead 20.4%, Lake Kickapoo 28.0%, for a combined total of 22.5%.

The Little Wichita River, which flows into both Lake Kickapoo and Arrowhead, is still flowing rapidly.  Runoff from last week’s rains will continue to flow downstream for several days and more rain is expected Wednesday through Saturday this week.

Both the Big Wichita River and Red River have risen significantly over past several days.  According to the US Geological Survey website, as of Monday morning, the Red River at Burkburnett was at 10.89 feet; the Big Wichita River at Wichita Falls was at 12.92 feet and the Little Wichita River at Archer City was at 17.19 feet.

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