Mac Thornberry

Wichita Falls Representative Mac Thornberry went to Afghanistan recently to "observe at the village level the work U.S. special operations forces do when not hunting down a terrorist mastermind such as Osama bin Laden," according to Times Record News.

Thornberry said,

"It's always good to go over there and hear the commander's perspective, but it's really helpful to talk to the individual soldiers."

However, the negative comments from TRN online readers outweighed the positive.

TRN user "Bellaella" commented:

"Is there really a purpose for an expensive trip like this - or is it another self indulgent attempt at publicity."

TRN user "Handyman" commented:

"Wonder how many Americans the money that this trip cost would help buy something that they need for their family?
Thornberry what a joke!"

Was Thornberry's trip to Afghanistan really beneficial to Wichita Falls?

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