When I was a child, Thanksgiving Day was a day for everyone to get together, give thanks, eat, throw the football around, watch football and eat some more.  We didn’t go shopping or even look forward to the ‘Black Friday’ morning zombie march to the nearest mall.  We just got together, pigged out and had a good time together.

Then, almost overnight, Thanksgiving Day morphed into just another day to run out between the meal and the Cowboys game to save 50 cents on a new smart phone.  But could it be that, at long last, America is coming back to a place where time with the family is of more value than any pre-Black Friday sale?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday that CBL and Associates announced they will close 73 of their malls across the U.S. this Thanksgiving Day.  CBL owns mall properties in 29 states, including eight cities in Texas.  All are in the southern part of the state except for Richland Mall in Waco.  The company said some anchor tenants who have exterior entrances to their store may open, but the mall’s themselves will be closed all day Thanksgiving Day until 6 am on Black Friday.

As for Sikes Senter Mall in Wichita Falls, they told us they have not yet decided if they will be open on Thanksgiving or not.

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