What in the name of Neutrogena is going on here?

Police in Louisville, Ky. have arrested William Walls for holding up a gas station with a tube of hand lotion last week.

Walls walked into the store and claimed he had a gun in his shirt which he pointed at a worker before demanding the employee fork over cash.

The employee did as he was told and Walls escaped. During his getaway, he dropped a bag that contained the alleged gun, except the weapon was not a weapon at all -- unless, of course, the victim is dry skin. It turns out Walls had used hand lotion as his pretend gun.

A witness to the crime happened to Walls and tipped off cops. When confronted, he copped to the hand hair-brained scheme. And while he's staring at the prospect of jail time, he should at least look on the bright side: he'll probably have the smoothest hands in cell block B.

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