And here we go.  Less than four days after the record Mega Millions drawing, we’re already heading toward our first lawsuit.

37-year-old Mirlande Wilson of Westport, Maryland has come forward as one of the three winners who will split the $656 million jackpot.  And Mirlande says that’s the ONLY splitting she plans to do.

Mirlande works at McDonald’s.  She and some coworkers pooled money to buy lottery tickets.  But naturally, Mirlande says the winning ticket wasn’t one she bought from the pool money – it was one she bought separately.

After taking the lump sum and paying taxes, Mirlande will get $105 million.  Maybe.  Because if she does in fact have a winning ticket, this is definitely headed to court.

It’s just like a recent case in New Jersey, and that one did NOT set a legal precedent in Mirlande’s favor.

Back in 2009, a construction worker won a $38.5 million jackpot, and claimed he’d bought that ticket separately from his office pool.  Three weeks ago, a jury ruled against him, and five of his coworkers were awarded a total of $20 million in winnings.

Mirlande hasn’t actually produced a winning ticket yet, so this might not even be legit.  The winner has up to 182 days after the drawing to claim the prize.)





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