Congratulations, Midwestern State University students and alumni. It would appear that you made a good choice when you picked out where to go to college. In fact, you picked one of the top 10 best schools in Texas.

A new survey from laid out the 30 Best Universities in Texas and MSU came in at #9 in their rankings. Some of the reasons they mentioned for the school's score were the Intensive English Language Institute, the Air Force ROTC program, the nearly 100 student organizations, and the 62% acceptance rate.

They also cited that MSU's location is a big plus for the school. Being centrally located and with short travel times to both Oklahoma City and the Dallas Metro makes it easy for students to get great internships. Plus, with over 65 majors and minors to chose from, there isn't a lack of diverse career opportunities after graduation.

They also pointed out the affordability of the school. The average cost for one year is about $10,172 per student. Compare that to the $16,832 that an average UT student pays per year and you can see that you are definitely saving money.

Here's a look at the rest of the schools on the top 10 list

  1. University of Texas-Austin
  2. Rice University
  3. University of Texas-Dallas
  4. Prairie View A&M
  5. Texas A&M University-Commerce
  6. Texas A&M International University
  7. Trinity University
  8. Southern Methodist University
  9. Midwestern State University
  10. University of Houston

You can see the entire list of the top 30 at You can find out more about Midwestern State and how to enroll at

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