Just a year and a half after his shocking mugshot went viral, Shaun Weiss from 'The Mighty Ducks' looks even worse in his new mugshot.

Marysville Police Department
Marysville Police Department

41-year-old Weiss was arrested over the weekend for residential burglary. When officers entered the home, they found Weiss in the homeowner's vehicle in the garage, apparently high on meth. As reported by Yahoo News, the Marysville Police Department issued a press release on their Facebook page about the arrest, saying,

Weiss forced entry to gain access into the vehicle by shattering a window. Officers noticed shattered glass on the ground and observed that the passenger window to the vehicle was broken. Officers ordered the male out of the vehicle and took him into custody.

Weiss was previously charged with meth possession in 2017, and made headlines in 2018 when he was arrested for public intoxication and his mugshot surprised those who remembered him as the goalie for the Ducks. Weiss was booked for burglary and held on a $52,500 bond.

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