Millennials are often viewed as spoiled, bratty and lazy.  But their some exceptions.  I do know a few people in the millennial crowd who don't fit into the millennial crowd mold.  They do have jobs.  The don't live in mom and dad's basement.  They work and pay taxes and live pretty much like most of the rest of us.  They don't sport 'man buns'. Who does that?

But sadly, more and more I find myself in the company of millennials who make me thank God that I'm a Gen X'er.  They make us over 40 folks look good, really, really good.  Micah Tyler is a singer, songwriter and worship leader from Buna, TX.  His 'Millennials' video went viral a few months ago, but I, being the old, slow Gen X'er I am, just recently discovered him.  You'll want to share this.