One person today got a little too heated at the confederate statue protest outside of Memorial Auditorium.

In Wichita Falls today a protest was taking place at the statue that honors Confederate soldiers outside of Memorial Auditorium. People were letting their voices be heard as well as getting signatures for petitions. I actually had no idea this was going on today until I went to pay my water bill on my lunch break. I was actually shocked to see how civil most people were being to each other.

Don't get me wrong, people were letting their voices be heard and it seemed like a genuine dialogue was going on between both sides. Those trying to keep and remove the statue from our city. I was only out there for a few minutes, but from what I saw it was a very civil protest. However, at one point today, KFDX caught on camera one man trying to shove another protestor.

One woman has apparently filed assault charges in this incident The group says they will be out there til 8 tonight getting signatures for their petitions. The online petitions are pretty much even. To keep the statue is currently as of this post at 3,029. To remove the statue is currently at 3,120.

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