The company let people know about a decal being in stock and were then flooded with negative feedback.

I tried to do some digging on a story I saw this morning and I think the company has completely removed their Facebook page. Apparently they let people know they recently restocked on an 'All Lives Splatter' decal. The decal shows a SUV plowing into a group of people and underneath it says 'No one cares about your protest'.

The post went viral and upset a lot of people. The company has removed the decal and issued an apology. “The ‘All Lives Splatter’ decal was posted this morning that was clearly wrong. The decal, among many others on our site, is in very poor taste. We do not condone or believe in the statement in which it makes. We recreate decals by request, again, among many in our catalog. We do not judge on their beliefs, statements, political views, religion, etc... Unfortunately, with all the chaos going on, our media dept made a horrible judgement to post this decal. We sincerely apologize for it and have removed the posts as well as the decal itself from our library. Again, UG does NOT condone this.”

The company website states, "Here at Underground Graphics we can’t say no. If you can dream it, we can stick it." Basically they will print anything you want. So I guess they didn't have a choice to print this decal that someone wanted. Probably not a good look to try and promote these this week.

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