Many citizens in Wichita Falls came out to have their voices heard and the message was clear.

KAUZ reports that over one thousand people came out to the peaceful protest near Big Blue yesterday. A group of locals organized this peaceful protest after the death of George Floyd last week. Like many folks throughout the country, people were upset with what they saw in that video of George.

He was pleading with that officer that he could not breathe. Wichita Falls citizens came out to let their voices  be heard on the situation. Wichita Falls police chief Manuel Borrego was at the protest and he addressed the citizens with their concerns. The police helped a march through downtown helping shut down some roads so the people could march in peace.

I want to give a big thanks to Ana Jacqueline Mata with Son Shine Photography. She captured some amazing photos from the peaceful protest and she allowed me to share them with you today. You can see the powerful photos she captured yesterday above.

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