We have seen a lot of protests the last few days and one Oklahoma city had one of their issues addressed.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin met with organizers of peaceful protests in Tulsa today. During the meeting several topics were brought up. One of them was the city's contract with the TV show 'Live PD' which airs on A&E. This has been an issue for many citizens in the Tulsa area for years now.

Mayor Bynum renewed the contract back in 2016 and he said then the show allows residents to see for themselves what officers deal with on a daily basis. He has decided to end the contract with the TV show. After the meeting with locals, the Mayor says he will see what he can do with the other issues the group brought up.

People asked for an increase in mental health funding for the Tulsa Police Department. Police chief Franklin will be re-looking at previous excessive force cases. Mayor Bynum also plans to meet with the Crutcher family who is currently suing the city for the wrongful death of Terrence Crutcher in 2016.

Terrence Crutcher was broken down in the middle of the road and was shot by a Tulsa police officer. The officer claims he was reaching into his SUV and that is when she shot him. Video shows the window was up in the vehicle and Crutcher had no weapons in the vehicle. No word on when Mayor Bynum plans to meet with the family.

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