A Political Science assistant professor has filed suit against Midwestern State University, saying he was denied promotion due to his race.

According to Times Record News, N. Sugumaran Narayanan claims that he's applied for promotion to associate professor twice in the last three years, but has been denied by the board even though he has a recommendation for promotion from his department chair and college dean. The suit states the reason for denial is that Narayanan failed to meet productivity requirements for research and scholarly activity, which Narayanan says he has met with his published work and presentations on the effect of race and Islam in civil wars. His suit indicates that the university promoted two write professors over him, both of whom had been with the university less time than Narayanan.

While his suit doesn't list a specific amount in desired damages, Narayanan is asking for the promotion, back pay for the position, and compensation for emotional distress and injuries to his reputation. Narayanan's suit also alleges the university retaliated against him for opposing discrimination.