It’s about to get really, really cold for much of the lower 48. The coldest arctic air so far this season begins its march south on Monday as the jet stream plunges southward. Areas of the Rockies and plains will struggle to see highs mid-week in the teens and some places will have at least a couple of days with highs at or possibly even below zero.

North Texas and Southern Oklahoma won’t be quite as cold, but Monday may be our warmest day for the workweek, with temps in the mid 50’s. Come Wednesday temps will drop to the 30s.

(National Weather Service)

By Thursday and Friday, from north to south we’ll see highs from the 20’s to the low 40’s and overnight lows ranging from the low teens to mid 20s.

National Weather Service

Make sure your pets are prepared. It’s best to bring them indoors during such cold but if they must stay outdoors, make sure they have shelter from the cold winds and warm bedding. Coastal hay makes an excellent bedding material for pets. Make sure to break any ice that forms in their water containers. Also, be sure to have your antifreeze levels checked in your vehicles and wrap outdoor water faucets to protect them from freezing.

National Weather Service

While there is a slight chance of showers for Monday, the rest of the week looks dry, mostly clear, but progressively colder Wednesday thru Friday.Temps are forecast to rebound for the weekend. The current seven day forecast puts the Wichita Falls area back into the mid to upper 50’s for Saturday and Sunday.