Fans who waited all day for fireworks did not get the full show last night in one Texas city.

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July. This was the first Fourth of July since like 2011 where I didn't have to work. So I did not see any fireworks shows, I took full advantage of that day off and just relaxed. Doesn't look like Wichita Falls had any problems last night, but south of us in Fort Worth folks did not get the show they signed up for.

So Fox 4 was actually live streaming the event, so you can see where things go wrong. About nine minutes into the video above you can see the show start. Any fireworks you see before that are locals just shooting them off  themselves. It's the Fourth of July, we all expect that to happen.

About the 11:15 mark of the video you can see the camera pan down for a second and you can see some small fires have started. At 13:45 mark, camera pans down again and you can see more small fires have started in the area. At the 14:55 mark, you see some fireworks shoot off what looks like a few feet off the ground, which causes some more fires to start.

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About 16:20 fireworks stop, but the music is continuing on and you really didn't have some big grand finale so this was clearly not the end. You can see all the fires in the field at this point very clearly. 18:30 mark music cuts, sorry Miley Cyrus no 'Party in the USA' right now. A few seconds later someone comes on saying the show is being delayed and will resume momentarily.

About the 20 minute mark, some fireworks go off randomly. Not sure if that was supposed to happen or due to the fire. The stream continues for another twenty minutes with firefighters putting out the fires. At the 37 minute mark, patrons get the bad news. Fireworks cancelled. People start filing out in droves to try to beat the traffic. That post fireworks traffic is the worst and without a grand finale it REALLY sucks.

I am once again asking a city to just do what San Diego did a decade ago. They accidentally shot everything at once. 30 seconds of mayhem and way better than anything I have ever seen on the Fourth of July. I would have left happy after this one. Sorry Fort Worth.

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