A simple drawing is now helping a fifth grader pay for college.

It's a website I'm sure we all use everyday. I'm talking about Google. If you really think about it, we use Google without even thinking about it. The one thing you may not notice when you use it is the latest Google Doodle. That's what they call the artwork that makes up the Google logo on the home screen.

If you go there today, you will see artwork from Sharon Sara, a student at Vaughn Elementary in Frisco, Texas. Google was asking for submissions for a Google Doodle. The theme was simple, kindness. Sara said this about her Google Doddle. “I show kindness by sticking together with my friends in tough times. I drew people coming together and not thinking about the outside but being together because of their personality."

The doodle depicts six girls of different skin colors, body types, hair styles and fashion choices, holding hands as friends. Sharon said the artwork highlights how kindness can be practiced through "friendship and inclusion." Sharon got the most votes out of anyone in the country.

She earned herself a $30,000 college scholarship, and her elementary school will receive $50,000. Congrats to Sharon and keep the artwork going. Texas Governor Greg Abbott congratulated Sarah on her win.

“Sharon’s artwork reminds us of the importance of unity and kindness towards others, especially during these challenging times," Abbot told Google. "We look forward to joining the hundreds of millions of people across the country who will see this inspiring artwork displayed on the Google homepage. On behalf of the State of Texas, I want to say how proud we are of Sharon’s achievement, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this bright young Texan.”

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