29-year-old Sara Elizabeth Russell of Katy, TX was arrested and held on a $100,000 bond for smuggling a prohibited substance into James V. Allred Unit.

Investigators were alerted by an Allred mail-room employee who discovered a suspicious bulge behind a picture on a homemade card. When the picture was pulled away from the card, a clear bag fell out containing a substance later confirmed to be meth.

The recipient name and address on the card was small and unreadable. The card was only delivered to the Allred unit because someone had written "RTS" (Return to Sender) on the envelope and the sender was Jason Burkett, an inmate at Allred who is serving a life sentence for a pair of 2001 murders. Burkett admitted to making the homemade card for Russell, but denied sending or requesting drugs. As reported by KFDX, fingerprint analysis confirmed Russell had handled the card.

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