Wow, I really feel for this lady.

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The video at the bottom of this article is from KXAS, the NBC television affiliate for the Dallas area. It features Elaine White, a retiree living in Plano, TX. Elaine explains that men have been showing up at her door, asking for either "Nikki" or "Kelly."  Apparently, some scam website has chosen here address to send these poor shlubs after they've collected money from them via Venmo.

"Some sex website that nasty old men go and look for sex"

You can just hear in her voice how much she's fed up, and who can blame her?  She has signs up everywhere, warning these rascals they're on camera and being recorded, but it doesn't stop them from ringing her doorbell.

"As many hookers and prostitutes out there, go get one.  Leave me alone."

In the video, they actually play some of her Ring camera footage.  In one video, she asks the man on her doorstep if he's there for drugs or sex.  His voice cracks as he says "The second one."

My favorite part of the video has to be when Elaine is explaining to the interviewer that she has a loaded 357 Magnum with a 4-inch barrel at her side.  The interview says "Ok now," in a very "You go girl" kind of tone.

Some of the comments on Youtube suggest someone could possibly be targeting her specifically, maybe an ex or an enemy. Whatever the case may be, someone needs to investigate and get this thing sorted out before a really bad guy shows up and gets angry that he was duped and tries to force his way in. Next thing you know he's face-to-face with the business end of a Smith and Wesson, and now everybody's day is ruined.


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