Not really sure why this was so funny to them and also why it needed to be shared with all their friends.

23-year-old Paul Chuckluck and 21-year-old Johnnie Gaghins were booked into Rogers County Jail on Monday and are facing possible child abuse or neglect charges. A photo had been sent from Snapchat of their 9-month-old baby in a laundry bag and the bag was hanging from a door handle.

snapchat photo of baby in a laundry bag hanging from door handle

The girlfriend of a police officer reportedly received the disturbing photo through the social media app and showed her boyfriend who then turned the photo over to authorities.

Police allege that Chuckluck placed the nine-month-old inside a mesh laundry bag, tied a knot and hung the bag on a door handle. Records say Gaghin said she thought it was funny and took a photo of the child.

We already have billboards for not shaking your baby. Do we really need to make one for not putting your kids in laundry bags?

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