A judge was so impressed, she just skipped way ahead in the show. 

Out of all the competition shows, I think 'America's Got Talent' is the best. It's not who is the best singer or dancer. It can be literally anything that gets you on that show. I remember one guy made it pretty far just by slamming different objects on his nuts. It truly is who has the best talent.

Darci Lynne of Oklahoma City definitely has an amazing talent. She is a ventriloquist and her bunny Petunia has quite the singing voice. Being able to sing like that is pretty impressive. Singing like that, controlling a puppet and barely moving your mouth is amazing.

If you don't watch 'America's Got Talent', the judges have something they can use called the golden buzzer. They can use it only once a season and Mel B used it on Darci. This means she no longer has to audition and goes straight to live shows. Basically, she skips the regular season for a sport and goes straight to the playoffs. Congratulations Darci, can't wait to see what you do next.

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