Anyone else having 'Super Troopers' flashbacks?

Back on May 11, Benjamin Mobley was pulled over for running a red light on Jacksboro Highway. When police approached Mobley's vehicle, they said there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. Officers report a leafy substance all over Mobley's shirt. Mobley also had some of the leafy substance in between the seats of his vehicle.

Officers tested the substance from the car and it came back positive for marijuana. Mobley did admit to officers he smoked a few hours before and that is probably where the smell is coming from. They report the smell was very strong coming from his mouth and that Mobley had something all over his teeth.

It appeared to be the same marijuana from the car, but Mobley said he had just had some Oreos. Officers report it looked nothing like Oreos in his mouth. Officers took photos of his mouth and were planning on testing the substance in his mouth. Mobley told the officers he would not allow them to take anything out of his mouth.

Mobley was charged with tampering with evidence because the officers believed he began to eat the marijuana while being stopped by police so it couldn't be used as evidence.

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