Passengers on city bus in Port Angeles, Washington looked on as an 80 year old woman was kicked in the head and dragged into floor of the bus by a man on May 28.  The attacker also went after the female driver, who managed to escape the deranged man.

The attack is disturbing enough.  Even more disturbing is the lack of action on the part of any of the passengers on board the bus.  I cannot understand how anyone, male or female, could see someone attack an elderly individual in such a way and not react.

According to the report from Q13 Fox seen above, the other passengers were 'huddle together with their cell phones.'  Q13 also reports that the victim, Angeline Olsen, was able to face her attacker, 59 year-old Riley White, in court on June 2.  Olsen spoke about the attack after the court appearance:  

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